Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Midnight Millionaires Club

A submission for a zine called "The Midnight Millionaires Club" that someone on my course is putting together. I tried putting fake screentone on this in Photoshop but I don't really like it all that probably would've been okay if I'd stuck to just one shade of gray. :p (Edit: New improved version! still a bit "meh" though)

You've probably heard of the pop/novelty group The Barenaked Ladies - I'm told "One Week" was their only hit in the UK. In Canada, their first big hit was "If I Had a Million Dollars," a love song where a guy sings about all the wonderful things he'd buy for his lady love if he had a million dollars. Anyway, it contains the line "I'd buy you a monkey...haven't you always wanted a monkey?"

The banter about Kraft Dinner in the middle is the most popular bit, but my favourite line was always "I'd buy you a green dress - but not a real green dress, that's cruel."

Of course, I'm taking this out of context - it comes after an earlier reference to a fur coat - as in - not a real fur coat, that's cruel. XD

Speaking of cruel, that monkey looks very pissed off and very stiff...maybe it's stuffed :(



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