Friday, November 20, 2009


Not a big fan of the sky colours on this one, but I suppose it doesn't matter since I'm thinking about converting them all to monochrome when I'm done (each month will have its own colour).

Paul (aka Hardsparrow) and I went to see the Fall in Poole last night and it was AMAAAAZING. Better than the Southampton gig last year. The merch table also sells old copies of the Pseud Mag fanzine (for which I drew the front covers up to and including issue #10) and the official blue lyrics book, also containing some of my artwork. How cool is that? Not as cool as the fact that I've gotten to see The Fall twice and that it's just one of many great experiences I've had here...I don't realise how lucky I am.

Will I miss Bournemouth when I move back home? No, I think it's the people I've met that I'll miss most of all. And an odd trait of mine is that I never seem to live in the present. I'm always either constantly nostalgic for the past, or worrying about what might happen to me in the future. Why do I seem unable to enjoy the NOW? Last night seems to be the only time I ever truly have.

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